About Stabilisers

The camera stabilisers were developed to eliminate unwanted camera movements during handheld shooting while walking, i.e. to isolate the stabiliser's grip from the camera, thereby stabilising and damping the camera’s movement.

Nevertheless the advantage of the stabiliser is also its disadvantage: the more effective the stabilisation is, the less manoeuvrable the stabiliser is, the less the camera movement can be controlled by the gimbal-handle. See more info about operational problems and contradictions in section Catch-22 and for our solutions see HDSLR-4 Story and Technology & Solutions.

Many users expect from the stabiliser a movement that it is not capable of producing.
It is not practical to use the stabiliser for extremely slow camera movements or tracking shots, or when sudden changes in direction or speed are required, it was not designed for these. For these purposes use shoulder rig, slider, tracking dolly or other camera support moving on specified track.
Using the stabiliser requires space and free movement.

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