HDSLR-4 Stabiliser Kit

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Only 490 gramme / 1 lb 1 oz*
The world's lightest camera stabiliser
in its payload range: 280 g to 4.5 kg**
Precision engineered extremely light weight construction.
Ultra-precise, rigid structure with CNC machined components,
made of high-strength aluminium alloys and stainless steel.
HDSLR-4 is Mezdon's first stabiliser with 3-Axis
Independent Damping Control System (IDCS)
Mezdon's IDCS solution, first implemented in the gimbal of HDSLR-4, allows the user to customize the resistance to the stabiliser's movement in each direction, in separate pan, tilt and roll axis.
All damping adjustments are ultra-fine and continuously variable to the entire payload range.
- tilt and roll damping: to reduce the swinging of the stabiliser
- pan damping: for smooth panning and turns
All these and the ultra-precise gimbal result in the excellent directional stability and manoeuvrability and camera movement similar to cranes'.
Without damping:  With damping:
Panning control built into the grip
Panning without destabilising
Panning control in two ways:
- pan damping can be steplessly adjusted with the control knob
- pan rotation can be slowed dynamically or locked-released
  with the large control ring by a single touch while shooting.

You can use both methods without destabilising the shot.
Repeatable shots, predictable and reliable operation.
Quick-release camera plate
with long sliding range
Extremely long sliding range for easy balancing
of 3D and front- or back-heavy cameras, too.
Perfect camera balance
with one-touch knobs
One-touch knobs for quick positioning,
no further operation is required.

Near-zero backlash slipping technology,
precise position-keeping on both axes.
Counterweight-height adjustment
with quick- and micro-positioning
Drop time control by changing the weight-height:
- quick positioning with a quick-button (right)
- micro-positioning with the fine-tuning knob (left)
Ready to work within 2 minutes
if the same configuration is used repeatedly
completely tool-free set-up
millimetre-scales on all the three axes
clearly visible bubble level with reflective background
Wide range of accessories
Quick-release Sliding Plate
with extra 1/4" camera screw and pin
Tripod adapter available
Hand support
for low-mode operation
for simple balancing without docking bracket
Docking bracket
balancing in normal position
balancing in low mode
docking the stabiliser in both modes

Can be mounted on any tripod, light stand
or on table top with a clamp.
fast variable modular system
mounted, removed, stored as a string or separately
glass bead blasted surface finish

Choose the necessary weights easily (click here)
Carrying Case
lightweight and highly protective semi-hard case
designed specifically for the HDSLR-4
customized interior with energy absorbing foam
* approximate value, without counterweight
** among non-electronic hand-held stabilizers, based on Mezdon's data and research, 2013
*** the supplied counterweights are sufficient up to a load of 3 kg (6 lb 10 oz)