HDSLR-4 Story

The story of the HDSLR-4 is quite simple. We needed a lightweight camera stabiliser, that could be used for extended periods of time even without an arm and vest. We experimented at length with the products of almost all the major market players, but we could not find "the one". After some time, we started seeing the underlying causes of the problems in the functioning of stabilisers, and overcoming these problems did not seem impossible. The task of developing a high-end quality, lightweight stabiliser featuring quick settings and refined manoeuvrability became the challenge. So we set to work and developed a camera stabiliser equipped with a 3-axis Independent Damping Control System (IDCS)Independent Damping Control System
Mezdon's IDCS solution, first implemented in the HDSLR-4, is a 3-axis damping control built into the gimbal, allowing the user to customize the resistance to the stabiliser's movement in each direction, in separate pan, tilt and roll axis.
All damping adjustments are ultra-fine and continuously variable to the entire payload range.
and a net mass of only 490 gapproximate value, without counterweight (1 lb 1 oz).
It is the world's lightest stabiliseramong non-electronic hand-held stabilisers, based on Mezdon's data and research, 2013 in its payload range of 280 g to 4.5 kgthe supplied counterweights are sufficient up to a camera payload of 3 kg (6 lb 10 oz) (10 oz to 10 lb).

Creating the Stabiliser
The ultra-light HDSLR 4, employs the following four solutions in the stabiliser's key structural elements which fundamentally affect the product’s operation and usability:
    - 3-axis Independent Damping Control System
    - Balance platform with near zero backlash
    - Sophisticated pan rotation control
    - Counterweight-height adjustment with quick- and micro-positioning
All four solutions are unique.

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