HDSLR-4 Advanced Kit

The advanced kit includes a tripod adaptor and further accessories for heavier configurations.

     HDSLR-4 Standard Kit
     Quick-release adaptor
• can be used as a tripod adaptor for the HDSLR-4
• for faster mounting and dismounting of the camera on a tripod
• use it with any tripod head or other mounting applications with 1/4" or 3/8" screw
     Camera plate (CP-38)
• additional reinforced camera plate for heavier handheld camcorders with 3/8" tripod socket
• additional counterweights for a maximum payload of 4.5kg (10 lb)
    45 gramme aluminium (black), 1 pc
  110 gramme stainless-steel (silver), 1 pc
  282 gramme stainless-steel (silver), 1 pc
All components have a customized space in the original carrying case.
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