QRA-7 QR Adapter with Sliding plate

The QRA-7 is a lightweight, low-profile, metal quick-release adapter for video professionals. It is recommended to almost any type of camera support, where a fast and secure mounting and removing of the camera is required: to camera stabilisers, gimbals, rigs, 3D rigs, jibs, tripod heads, remote heads or other camera equipment.

Special feature of QRA-7 is the variable length lock knob shaft (the distance between the knob and the adapter is variable according to the user's needs), therefore the adapter can be perfect for camera supports where other QR adapters cannot be used, because the lock knob of those would only be accessible with difficulty or not accessible at all (e.g. wide fluid heads, etc).

For this reason the Mezdon QR adapter is especially recommended for camera stabilisers that don't have a QR camera plate or their top stage is too wide to be comfortably used with other QR adapters.

For mounting the QRA-7 Adapter it has 1/4", 3/8" and M6 tapped holes and four ø4.5 mm countersunk holes at the bottom. The allocation of holes is compatible with the camera plate of the Glidecam handheld stabilisers (the adapter can be fixed with two 1/4" srews on this). There are 1/4" and 3/8" tapped holes also on the side of the adapter for extra camera screws or mounting various accessories.

QRA-7 is available in several versions:

QRA-7 Adapter with Sliding plate: recommended for general purpose use, for larger payloads as well. The supplied plate is the CP-38 (with 1/4" and 3/8" camera screws).

QRA-7 Adapter with Cheese plate: recommended primarily for traditional and gimbal stabilisers and such camera supports where besides the back and forth balancing, the side-to-side balancing is also important. The supplied plate is the CP-14 (with 1/4" camera screw and pin).

QRA-7 Adapter without plate: recommended for HDSLR-4 stabiliser owners to use it as a tripod adapter or for users who already have a QRA-7 provided with a plate but don't need an additional plate.

  • bubble levels on both horizontal axes
  • sliding plate/cheese plate can be used from both directions
  • large sliding range for perfect balance of front- or back-heavy cameras
  • variable length lock knob shaft
  • extremely lightweight

  • Bubble level: 2 pcs
  • sliding range: 92 mm / 3.6 in (total range: 166mm / 6.5 in)
  • dimensions: 93.3 x 16.7 x 120 mm / 3.7x0.7x4.7 in (WxHxL)
  • mass: approx. 208g / 7.3 oz
  • material: alluminium alloy
  • finish: black anodized glass bead blasted
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